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Tales from the Trail

LiveStream Season 2, Episode 4: Tales from the Trail: Explore the Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail

What’s the best way to travel from the US/Canada border to the ocean? By boat of course! The Connecticut River Paddlers’ Trail (CRPT) is a series of campsites and river access points spanning 400+ miles of the Connecticut River through NH, VT, MA and CT. Traveling along the Connecticut River offers endless exploration, adventure, and a way to “get away from it all.”

Berkshire Appalachian Trail February Newsletter

In this issue: 

  • Volunteer Gathering
  • Volunteer Recognition
  • Wildlife Videos
  • New Committee Roles

You can read this issue here!

Noble View Wildlife Tracking Event - Saturday, February 13, 2021

Join Jim Pelletier, Berkshire Wildlife Tracker on Saturday, February 13, 2021, from 10 am - 12:15 pm or 1:00 pm - 3:15 pm for a wildlife tracking session at Noble View Outdoors Center. Winter reveals wildlife habits like no other season. By examining tracks, gait patterns, and many other signs of wildlife, we’ll learn not only who is out-and-about but foraging and travel behaviors. Jim shares tips on where and how to be alert for signs of wildlife activity and identification techniques. Bring $7 if you’d like a laminated Animal Tracks ID card. Dress for winter conditions.

AMC Noble View - Hiring for Caretaker

AMC Noble View is recruiting for a caretaker position.  This position reports to and works closely with the Director of Lodging Operations and assists in all aspects of the facility operation which is in Russell, Massachusetts. Duties will include but are not limited to acting as “resident host” at the site, attending to the needs of members and visitors, and maintenance of the buildings and grounds. They are responsible for all daily operations and is therefore expected to maintain of hospitality and meal service standards. 

BEONLINEWITHAMC- AMC’s 145th Annual Summit

Saturday, January 23 from 9:00-4:00pm

AMC’s Annual Summit celebrates the people who make AMC’s mission real everyday–our dedicated volunteers! Whether you’re a lifelong member or a newcomer interested in discovering all AMC has to offer, Annual Summit is for you!

The 145th Annual Summit will be held on Saturday, January 23, 2021 and will be an all online digital event for the first time ever!

Event Includes:

Winter Activities at AMC’s Noble View Outdoor Center

Cross country skier at Noble View Outdoor Center



Welcome to Winter Activities at the AMC’s Noble view Outdoor Center in Russell, MA!

Help Save the LWCF

White Mountain National Forest, New Hampshire

One lesson that the nation has learned during the global pandemic, is how important nature and the outdoors are for our health; both mentally and physically. With a growing appreciation for the environment and an increase of the public enjoying open spaces, comes a greater responsibility to conserve and protect our land and the wildlife that thrives upon it. 

Berkshire Appalachian Trail December Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Sawyer Certification Event
  • History Through Stories- Knox Trek
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Upcoming AT Gathering

You can read the issue here!

Berkshire Appalachian Trail October Newsletter

Included in this issue:

  • Covid-19 Update
  • ATC Volunteer Leadership Academy
  • History Through Stories
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Upcoming Sawyer Course

You can check out the issue here!

Berkshire Bash 2020 - Annual Meeting

The Berkshire Bash, the Berkshire Chapter's annual business meeting, was held online via Zoom on Friday, November 6, 2020, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Friday, November 6, 2020 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm


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