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Appalachian Trail

AMC-Berkshire's 'Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee' is responsible for the maintenance, management, and protection of the almost 90 miles of Appalachian Trail within Massachusetts, coordinating the extensive volunteer effort that keeps the trail open and beautiful. We work in partnership with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC), the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), and the National Park Service (NPS).

For trail updates, see below.

April to September, we organize regular work parties for maintenance and improvement of the footbed, trail shelters, signs, and so on. Projects vary in complexity, but all include activities for both first timers and seasoned maintainers, so please check out the season's schedule of trail work days (download from our AT Getting Involved page) and then contact a project leader to join in the fun. No experience is necessary to participate!

We also have some open positions for regular trail maintainers. If you're interested, see AT Getting Involved. Our committee meets regularly at the Mt. Greylock Visitors' Center in Lanesboro, MA.

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy's monthly newsletter for the volunteers of the Appalachian Trail, their agency partners, and others interested in the stewardship of the Trail is posted online. *The Register*, can be found at

This web site has some basic information about hiking on the AT and a list of AT shelters and campsites in Massachusetts. For much much more information about the trail, see the many excellent web sites about the AT.

Massachusetts AT on Facebook Massachusetts AT on Facebook

AT News & Announcements

Volunteer on the Appalachian Trail

Volunteering on the AT

The A.T. Committee 2016 Work Schedule is now live at Check it out and consider giving us a day or two this summer. We've got projects ranging from rare plants to rebuilding the front porch of Upper Goose Pond Cabin, and you can choose to spend a whole or a half-day caring for the this world famous trail. Best to contact the listed leader for last minute info. Questions to

Group Hiking on the AT

Become familiar with the guidelines for all AT hikers found on the “Hiking on the AT” page.

• Keep group size to 10 or under including leaders for overnight trips.

• Sites best for group use are: Sages Ravine (Connecticut AT Committee), Laurel Ridge, Glen Brook, Race Brook Falls, Crystal Mtn, Kay Wood and October Mtn

• Shelters are not for group use. Plan to use tent platforms and existing cleared areas for tenting. Do not clear new tenting areas.

• Groups planning to stay at Upper Goose Pond Cabin should plan on tenting and supplying their own food and water.

• Boil, filter, or treat chemically all water from backcountry sources.

• Do not wash utensils in streams or ponds.

• Observe 8 P.M. – 7 A.M. quiet time.

Before contacting the Group Outreach Coordinator, please check the Group Notification Page. This page will show where other groups have planned their overnight stays. Please note that this is NOT a reservation system. It is an information source to help reduce crowding at overnight sites and enhance the experience of all hikers. We strongly urge that only one group stay at an overnight site per night.

Group Notification Page

    Contact the Group Outreach Coordinator with the following information:
  • Leader’s name and contact information
  • Size of group
  • Location and dates of planned overnight stays

The coordinator, Hank Barton, can be reached at:

If the Group Outreach Coordinator cannot be reached, contact Jim Pelletier at:

Mass AT Management Committee

The Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee organizes Appalachian Trail supervision and maintenance within Massachusetts. If you'd like to be a part of this, get in touch with our chair (see below)!

Last updated: January 19, 2013.

Mass AT Management Committee Address
Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee
PO Box 2281, Pittsfield, MA 01202

Chair: Jim Pelletier

Secretary: Greg Schumaker

Member At Large: Rick Wagner

Member at Large: Jim Niedbalski

Treasurer: Julie Ann Pelletier

Volunteer Coordinator: Cosmo Catalano
h:413.458.5349; w:413.597.2590; f:413.597.4170; c:413.822.0094

Corridor Monitor Coordinator: Dave Pirog

Natural Resources Coordinator: Steve Smith
h:978.692.8219; c:978.821.2916

UGP Maintenance Coordinator: Pete Rentz
h:413.442.6732; f:413.442.5853 (call first)

Upper Goose Pond Cabin: Debbie Klaber

Upper Goose Pond Cabin (also): Jim Pelletier

Shelter Coordinator: Don Fairbanks

Group Outreach Coordinator: Hank Barton

Community Outreach Coordinator: vacant

Northern Maintainer Coordinator: John Sullivan
h:978.544.5790; c:413.658.4929

Central Maintainer Coordinator: Debra Weisenstein

Southern Maintainer Coordinator: Dave Koerber
h:413.568.4650; w:617.480.8225

AMC Regional Trails Coordinator:

DCR Region 5 Trails Sup.: Rebecca Barnes
PO Box 1433, Pittsfield, MA
w:413.499.7003; f:413.442.5860

ATC Conservation Resource Manager: Adam Brown
P.O. Box 264, South Egremont, MA 02158
w:413.528.8002; c:413.717.2113

Toolshed Coordinator: Steve Schimpff
h:413.243.8902; w:413.528.1804

h = home; w = work; c = cell; f = fax

Appalachian Trail Links

There are literally thousands of AT-related sites on the Web. Here are a few of our favorites (with a distinct New England bias).

To report dead links or add some of your own, please contact us at:

Clubs and Organizations

Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) -- The ATC is the umbrella organization responsible to the National Park Service for organizing and supporting the various volunteer clubs (like our Chapter) responsible for the trail.
Appalchian Trail Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA) -- These folks publish the Thru-Hikers' Companion detailing trail information and services for hikers all along the AT.
Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) -- Our chapter's parent organization, the AMC is responsible for over 1,600 miles of trails in the new England area. Chapters in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are responsible for the AT in those states. Other Clubs not associated with the AMC are responsible for portions of the AT in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC)
Dartmouth Outing Club (DOC)
The Green Mountain Club (GMC)
AMC Connecticut Chapter
New York/New Jersey Trail Conference

Governmental Agencies

Appalachian Trail Park Office (NPS ATPO) -- National Park Service Office overseeing NPS lands on the AT Corridor.
USDA Forest Service -- The other national management partner for trail corridor lands in National forests in NH, VT and some southern states.
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MA DCR) -- A management partner for the AT on state lands in Berkshire County (Region 5) along with ATC and the AMC Berkshire AT Committee.

Enthusiasts' Web Sites

The Appalachian Trail Home Page -- An "old" (established 1995) and well maintained AT info site by Kathy Bilton.
Appalachian Trail Mailing List -- A e-mail list of about 600 Thru-hikers, longtime section hikers, and others interested in the AT Community. A great resource and a terrific bunch of people.
White Blaze -- A community site for AT enthusiasts.

AT Trail Maintaining and Shelter Adopting

Trail maintainers keep the footpath free of obstructions such as brush, and fallen trees. They also keep the white paint blazes that mark the AT fresh and easy to see. Shelter adopters take care of a particular shelter along the trail.

A Maintainer typically takes care of a 2-5 mile section of the Trail, visiting it 2 or 3 times a year. Weather, such as a severe storm, may require more frequent visits to assess and repair any damage. If damage is extensive, a work party will assist the Maintainer in getting the Trail open in a timely, safe manner. For more information see our Guidelines for Maintainers (About PDF files).

Shelter adopters have similar duties, except they take care of a particular shelter instead of a trail section. For more information see our Guidelines for Shelter Adopters (About PDF files).

If you're interested in adopting a trail section or shelter and want to find out more, you can contact us at or talk to our Volunteer Coordinator, Cosmo Catalano at (, 413.822.0094).


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