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Group Hiking on the AT

Become familiar with the guidelines for all AT hikers found on the “Hiking on the AT” page.

• Keep group size to 10 or under including leaders for overnight trips.

• Sites best for group use are: Sages Ravine (Connecticut AT Committee), Laurel Ridge, Glen Brook, Race Brook Falls, Crystal Mtn, Kay Wood and October Mtn

• Shelters are not for group use. Plan to use tent platforms and existing cleared areas for tenting. Do not clear new tenting areas.

• Groups planning to stay at Upper Goose Pond Cabin should plan on tenting and supplying their own food and water.

• Boil, filter, or treat chemically all water from backcountry sources.

• Do not wash utensils in streams or ponds.

• Observe 8 P.M. – 7 A.M. quiet time.

Before contacting the Group Outreach Coordinator, please check the Group Notification Page. This page will show where other groups have planned their overnight stays. Please note that this is NOT a reservation system. It is an information source to help reduce crowding at overnight sites and enhance the experience of all hikers. We strongly urge that only one group stay at an overnight site per night.

Group Notification Page

    Contact the Group Outreach Coordinator with the following information:
  • Leader’s name and contact information
  • Size of group
  • Location and dates of planned overnight stays

The coordinator, Hank Barton, can be reached at:

If the Group Outreach Coordinator cannot be reached, contact Jim Pelletier at:

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