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Appalachian Trail Special License Plate Proposal

The Berkshire Chapter Appalachian Trail (AT) Committee, together with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) and the AMC, is considering working with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) to offer an AT Special License Plate. License plate orders and renewals would generate new revenues for the AT Committee, which would be used by the AT Committee and the ATC to fund the Committee's activities (including operation, maintenance, monitoring, and education), support AT Communities in MA, and to allocate funds for land protection related to the AT.

How It Would Work

Complete details on the Massachusetts special plate program may be found here. What follows is a brief summary.

If the program is established, AT special plates would be available at any full service RMV branch, or could be ordered over the Internet at the RMV web site.

To order a special plate online for the first time, customers would use the RMV special plate ordering form. A $60 registration fee plus a $40 special plate fee (total $100) would be assessed at the time the order is placed.

Special plates must be renewed every two years. A $60 registration fee plus a $40 special plate fee (total $100) would be assessed at time of renewal.

Distribution of Fees

The registration fee of $60 is collected by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. This is the familiar fee required to register an automobile in Massachusetts.

The initial special plate fee would be distributed as follows:

  • $12 covers the cost of manufacturing the plate.
  • $28 would go to the Berkshire Chapter's AT Committee, and would be tax deductible to the purchaser.

Upon renewal (every two years), the entire special plate fee ($40) would go to the AT Committee, and would be fully tax deductible.

Member Feedback Requested

We are considering this proposal for two reasons: (1) it would provide a new way for Massachusetts residents (whether or not they are AMC members) to demonstrate their support for the Appalachian Trail, and (2) it would generate new revenues which will be used to maintain, protect, and enhance the Appalachian Trail. For the program to be successful, a minimum of 750 plates would need to be sold in the first year, and a minimum of 3000 plates would need to be sold within 5 years.

Please complete a brief interest survey by clicking here. The survey closes on April 30, 2018.


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