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The "Berkshire Exchange" Newsletter

The Berkshire Exchange is the Chapter's periodic newsletter. Click here to visit the archives for back issues.

We have a new editor! Cody Andrews is a recent transplant to Western Mass. She enjoys hiking, trail running, rock climbing, admiring forest growth, and playing in the woods with her dog Brogan. Her education is in English and Teaching, where her love of writing, editing, and teaching others in various capacities began. Cody is excited to be joining the Berkshire Chapter's Executive Committee as newsletter editor, and looking forward to reading about the adventures AMC members have in the outdoors!

Cody Andrews, Newsletter Editor

The submission deadline for the Spring 2019 issue is March 15, 2019. Send submissions and photos to [email protected].

The Berkshire Exchange Resumes Publication in 2019!

We are excited to announce that The Berkshire Exchange will resume publication in Spring 2019! We have a brand-new newsletter in store for you and we need your help! What are we looking for? Writers who love the outdoors. Whether you hike, rock climb, ski, swim, forage, cycle, camp, kayak, nature watch, advocate for outdoor conservation, or all of the above, we want to hear from you!

Here's how it works:

  1. (Optional) Become a contributing writer! Send an email to [email protected] to get on our list of contributing writers. We'll notify contributing writers of upcoming submission deadlines.
  2. If you have an idea for an article, pitch it to the editor by email to [email protected], and get feedback on subject matter and length.
  3. Submit your article by the deadline (email to [email protected]). Allow for some editorial review and feedback.
  4. If accepted, your article will appear with your byline, and we'll note your contribution on the contributing writers page.
  5. At the Chapter Annual Meeting, we'll recognize the top three most published writers, and give out a prize for "Best Newsletter Article". 

Guidelines for Authors

When preparing articles for the newsletter, please consider the following guidelines:

General Guidelines

  • Typical article length is 200-400 words
  • Write about the outdoors
  • Write about something that interests you
  • Relate your subject to the AMC Mission
  • Make it interesting! Tell a story, create images for the reader with your words.
  • Share photos to go with your articles

Types of Articles

  • Story (about a camping trip, hiking, skiing, rock climbing, etc.)
  • Creative fictional story about the outdoors
  • Creative nonfiction
  • Poem
  • “How to” articles - e.g., foraging, camping in the cold, identifying edible mushrooms, drying herbs, pressing flowers, being safe in the wild, being safe around wild animals
  • Noteworthy outdoor travel destinations
  • Reviews - e.g., best outdoor gear, best hikes in our area, etc.
  • Gently used gear for sale/swap
  • Photos for trivia - where was this photo taken? identify this plant, etc.

We've Gone Paper-Free!

The Berkshire Exchange Newsletter has gone 100% paper-free. Each time we publish a new issue, we will post it on our website and send an email announcement to everyone who has provided a valid e-mail address to AMC and requested Electronic Delivery. Click here to learn more about electronic delivery.

Page Steward: [email protected]

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