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Boat Rental

We have a small fleet of flatwater and whitewater canoes and kayaks available for rent to club members, or to anyone participating in a club trip, at reasonable prices.

All rentals must be arranged in advance; if you're interested, contact Al Howcroft (413.256.1301, [email protected]).

All rentals include PFD ("life jacket" for you old-schoolers), paddle(s), helmet, and spray skirt as appropriate for the particular boat. Note that you will need some way to transport the boat, like a roof rack and ropes!

Quietwater Boats

(These are NOT appropriate for whitewater.)

    AMC members: $10/day, $30/week. Non-members: $15/day, $45/week.
  • BK-17: Old Town Camper (16' tandem canoe, blue)
  • BK-18: Old Town Camper (16' tandem canoe, blue)
  • BK-19: Keowee Aquaterra (9' solo open kayak, blue)
  • BK-20: Keowee Aquaterra2 (13' solo/tandem open kayak, blue)

Whitewater Canoes

    AMC members: $10/day, $30/week. Non-members: $15/day, $45/week.
  • BK-1: old Blue Hole "In Praise of Folly" (16' tandem, red)
  • BK-2: Mohawk XL-13 (13’ solo, red)
  • BK-3: Mad River ME (15' tandem or solo with triple-saddle, red)
  • BK-7: Blue Hole Starburst (17' tandem, red)
  • BK-8: Blue Hole Starburst (17' tandem, green) -- new in 2001
  • BK-9: Old Town Tripper (17' tandem, blue) —- quietwater or class 2 only!
  • BK-10: Old Town Tripper (17' tandem, yellow) -— quietwater or class 2 only!

Whitewater Kayaks

    AMC members: $10/day, $30/week. Non-members: $15/day, $45/week.
  • BK-12: Perception Sparc (9', orange) for paddlers < 165 lbs
  • BK-13: Perception Arc (9', gray/purple) for paddlers 150 - 210 lbs
  • BK-14: Perception Pirouette-S (11', purple) for paddlers < 180 lbs
  • BK-15: Perception Torrent (10' sit-on-top, yellow)
  • BK-16: Perception Torrent (10' sit-on-top, gray)

Sea Kayaks

    AMC members: $15/day, $60/week. Non-members: $20/day, $80/week.
  • BSK-1: Old Town Heron (16' solo, red)
  • BSK-2: Perception Shadow (17' solo, red)
  • BSK-3: Aquaterra Spectrum (16' solo, red)

We also have two whitewater rafts available by special arrangement.


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