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Conservation in the Berkshire Chapter Region

The Berkshire Chapter's territory includes some of the finest scenery in the state: the Appalachian Trail corridor; the Housatonic and Westfield River watersheds with their almost uncountable streams, cascades, and waterfalls; the Greylock Massif; much of the Taconic Mountains, the Berkshire Hills and the Hoosic Range. We have the blessings of all this, but with that comes the responsibility to steward it thoughtfully. This territory needs protection from development efforts that mar the beauty or damage the ecosystems we cherish.

The Berkshire Chapter of the AMC has about 4,000 members. We can and should be the voice for conserving the natural treasures that surround us.  We can and should be the eyes and ears that alert to regional environmental threats as well as to opportunities to acquire and protect these treasures. While out on the trails and rivers, we need to be on the lookout for actual or potential damage. We need to check with our town planning and zoning bodies. We need to scan our local news sources. We should be speaking at town meetings and hearings. We should be writing to legislators and newspapers. We should know what is happening or planned and we should act to conserve what we care about. 

If you believe you can work with us to conserve our natural treasures please consider joining the Berkshire Chapter Conservation Committee. You can help with any of these tasks: letter writing, issue research, monitoring, municipal and legislative contacts, or any others you may think of, to whatever extent you are able. Even a small amount of volunteer time each month can go a long way!

Follow these links for more information from the Chapter and the Appalachian Mountain Club:

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