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Some of our outings and activities are described with the words "new members especially welcome" or "new member hikes". The Berkshire chapter is reaching out to all of you who have just recently joined the AMC or those who may have been members for a while but never quite made it into the woods, out on the water or up that mountain. Whether you are a member of five months or five years, have never been on an AMC hike or join in all the time, these activities are for you.

New member hikes are designed to be an introduction to the Appalachian Mountain Club outings. They're an opportunity for everyone to join in and experience the comraderie that develops on an AMC trip. Spend time with folks who have belonged for a while and who can share their stories about adventures with the AMC.

Now is the time to be with likeminded AMC members who have made a choice to get outdoors, get some exercise, do something for the environment and above all have fun! There is also the opportunity to participate in trail maintenance days, a great way to meet other club members and take an active part in making sure that the trails we use are kept in a condition for us to all continue enjoying. What should you bring on a hike with the AMC? See our flyer Experience the Wilds of Western Massachusetts (requires Adobe Reader) for more information about hiking with the AMC. (And make sure to read the fine print in the trip policy, too.)

AMC Committee Chairs are all available to answer any questions you might have about different activities and you are encouraged to call individual trip leaders with specific questions about any programs. We welcome your input and we are here to answer your questions. New members are encouraged to join in on any program the AMC offers, but if you haven't been sure about how to get started, a new member hike might be the way to begin.

Don't be shy! Join in, have fun and make new friends. Start with a new member hike and take off from there. We'll look forward to seeing you on the trail.

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