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Minors On Trips

A child under age 18 may participate in any chapter trip if the following three conditions are met:

• The trip leader's prior consent is obtained;
• The minor is accompanied on the trip by an adult who agrees take responsibility for him or her; and
• The minor's parent or legal guardian signs for the minor on the liability release form according to Trip Participation Policy that all trip participants must sign.

If a parent or legal guardian is not the "responsible adult", then some arrangement must be made for him or her to sign the liability release. A parent or legal guardian may show up at the trip rendezvous and sign the form brought by the trip leader, or download a copy of the liability release form from our website, sign it, and send it along with the minor.

Some AMC trips require particular skills, physical abilities, and/or maturity and judgment. The trip leader has the right and obligation to set minimum qualifications for trip participation, and to deny a place to anyone (adult or minor) who does not meet those qualifications.


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