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Nominees for 2017 Executive Committee

This year's Executive Committee nominees are as follows:

Chapter Officers

Chair: Jan Alicia Nettler ([email protected])
Vice Chair: Martin Mahoney ([email protected])
Treasurer: Jane Glushik ([email protected])
Secretary: Roger Beer ([email protected])

Committee Chairs

Appalachian Trail Committee: Jim Pelletier ([email protected], 413.454.4773)
Berkshire Exchange Committee: Nate Szymanski ([email protected])
Bicycling Committee: Brant Cheikes, Janine Papesh ([email protected] [email protected])
Communications Committee: vacant ([email protected])
Conservation Committee: vacant
Family Programs: Margo Chapski ([email protected])
Membership/Social Committee: Bess Dillman ([email protected])
Mountaineering Committee: Ingrid Nelson and Jim Van Natta ([email protected])
NE National Scenic Trails Committee: Heather Wyman, Dana Gronbeck ([email protected] [email protected])
Nominating Committee: vacant
Outings Committee: Kathy Martin ([email protected])
Paddling Committee: Charles Murray ([email protected])
Training and Education Committee: vacant
Website Committee: Evan Yeadon ([email protected])
Young Members Committee: Nicole Dewberry ([email protected])


Chapter Trips Approver: Jon Hanauer
Noble View Outdoor Center Chair: Frank Evans ([email protected])
Noble View Reservations: Brenda Clemons ([email protected])
Regional Director: Sharon Foster ([email protected])
Regional Trails Coordinator: vacant
Tuesday Hiking: Lewis Popper ([email protected])
Past Chair: Sabine Prather

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