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Northern Pass update and thanks

I’m writing to update you on next steps in our Northern Pass opposition work that contributions from your chapters helped make happen. As you know we sought funding from you to help meet the expense of the visual expert we hired in partnership with the Forest Society (SPNHF), and who is providing a key counterpoint to Northern Pass’s assessment of the visual impacts of the project. The filing deadline for that testimony was December 30th, and we are very pleased with the results. Here is a link to our expert Harry Dodson’s testimony and report: and

In addition, several AMC staff prefiled expert testimony on December 30th: Ken Kimball and Larry Garland, Chris Thayer, and Dave Publicover. Ken and Larry focus on the negative aesthetic impacts of the project as proposed, building on and complementing many points made by Harry; Chris offers his understanding of visitor expectations of northern NH’s landscapes based on 20-plus years of experience promoting tourism and outdoor recreation, and Dave focuses on negative impacts to natural resources from the project as proposed. Links to their testimony are:

Ken and Larry:
Chris Thayer:
Dave Publicover:

So first, many thanks to you and your chapter members for your support of this work. I hope you will share these links with your chapters, and encourage everyone to take some credit for these important contributions to the argument against Northern Pass.


Susan Arnold
Vice President for Conservation

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