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Paddling Trips: Whitewater and Flatwater

The Berkshire Chapter's Paddling Committee organizes various paddle sports: quietwater and whitewater canoeing and kayaking, whitewater and sea kayaking, and whitewater rafting.

For activity-specific information, see:

Paddling Committee Chair: Dee Dice, Mary Therese Durr, and Bonna Wieler (


Quietwater Paddling

Marsh canoeing

"Quietwater" paddling means scenic canoeing or kayaking on lakes, ponds, and relatively calm rivers. Western Massachusetts has some splendid rivers and lakes for quietwater canoeing. We'll take you there, and we can even help provide you with a boat and gear.

Whitewater River Gauges

As time and attention span permits, we hope to list more river level and release schedule information here. In the meantime, here are some useful links to river level and release schedule information:

Some specific gauges for local rivers:

Whitewater Paddling

Whitewater paddling means canoeing and kayaking

Norm Sims winter paddling

We are happy to have new paddlers join us. Whitewater paddling screening and possibly training is mandatory for participation. Whitewater training is available through local whitewater schools, through Berkshire Chapter's sometime-annual whitewater training program, or through training programs by other AMC chapters.

Should the Berkshire Chapter Change its Name?

Western Massachusetts region

We need your feedback now.

We are asking our members to share your thoughts on a potential chapter name change.

COVID-19 Resources for Activity Leaders

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is by no means over, AMC and the Berkshire Chapter are applying careful evidence-based risk management practices to chart a path forward for volunteer-led outdoor activities to resume safely.

The resumption of activities will occur in phases. Effective June 22, AMC is in Phase 2 of its reopening plan.


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