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Trailhead Talk

Assess footwear, other clothing

Check for water bottles; ask people if they have 2 liters water

Circle up, do introductions around the circle

Specific Description of the Hike - huddle to review the route on the map
• Review the route
• Review the pace: slow, moderate, fast?
• How long will we be hiking?
• Describe when/where we’ll break for lunch, etc.
• Any special features (stone walls, cellar holes, caves, etc.) for which we should be on the lookout

• Trail may have sustained erosion damage; roots and loose stones may cause you to trip.
• Sunburn and insect bites
• Foliage
• Dehydration – make sure you have water
• Temperature is a factor. Remove layers if you’re getting too warm!
• Remember: you are responsible for your own safety and wellbeing.

• The group should not become separated on the trail.
• Everyone waits at a trail intersection (or junction) for the last person to arrive.
• Sweep – volunteers to be the last person in line, to ensure no one is left behind. Important job.
• Separation break - when the genders go different directions to go in the woods. If you leave the group to go to the bathroom, make sure the Sweep knows you’ve left.
• Leave No Trace – take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints.
• Be mindful of other the physical condition of other participants

Does anyone know animal tracks? Trees and plants?

Who’s carrying:
• a first aid kit?
• extra water?
• other emergency gear?

Who has wilderness first aid training? CPR? Any other first aid or medical training?

• Every individual is responsible for having the appropriate skills, physical conditioning, equipment and supplies

• The safety of the individual assures the safety of the group.

• Notify me privately of any condition or limitation which could affect your enjoyment of the trip, your safety, or the outcome of the trip.

• Not speaking up when there’s a problem jeopardizes the individual’s safety, and that of the group.

Rule #1: BE SAFE

Rule #2: HAVE FUN


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