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Tuesday Hikers

The Berkshire Chapter Tuesday Hikers schedule an outing somewhere in western Massachusetts every Tuesday, all year 'round. We explore a wide variety of hiking trails in the spring, summer and fall. In the winter we use cross country skis, snowshoes or boot cleats depending on the amount of snow cover and trail conditions. Information about the events is sent to the email messaging group list and is provided in the Outings Schedule section of this web site under Berkshire Chapter Events. If you want to receive email messages about the group and its activities, contact the List Manager or List Assistant Manager.

Please click on the link to review the Tuesday Hiking Guidelines

For a list of our hikes spanning the years 1999 to 2008 click on this link.
For a list of our hikes spanning the years 2010 to 2015 click on this link.

Tuesday Hiking Email List Manager/Chief Communicator: Mary Moriarty, 413-534-1320, [email protected]

Tuesday Hiking Email List Assistant Managers: Lewis Popper, 413-727-8016, [email protected]

Tuesday Hiking Coordinators:

January/February/March - Deb Shea, 917-902-1712, [email protected]

April/May/June - Jeannie Jones, 413-727-3177, [email protected]

July/August/September - Kathy Martin, 413-568-5078, [email protected]

October/November/December - Peggy McLennan, 413-568-2199, [email protected]


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