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Paddling Trips: Whitewater and Flatwater

The Berkshire Chapter's Paddling Committee organizes various paddle sports: quietwater and whitewater canoeing and kayaking, whitewater and sea kayaking, and whitewater rafting.

For activity-specific information, see:

Paddling Committee Chair: Charles Murray (


Whitewater Paddling

NOTICE - Monroe Bridge on the Deerfield River is closed this year! Be sure to make alternative parking arrangements.

Whitewater paddling means canoeing, kayaking, and rafting down turbulent and exciting rivers.

Quietwater Paddling

Marsh canoeing

"Quietwater" paddling means scenic canoeing or kayaking on lakes, ponds, and relatively calm rivers. Western Massachusetts has some splendid rivers and lakes for quietwater canoeing. We'll take you there, and we can even help provide you with a boat and gear.

Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking is technical paddling on ocean estuaries, bays, and coastlines, often for multi-day trips.

Rather than have a fixed schedule of trips, we spontaneously organize them when there's interest. Contact Michael Zabre (413.665.5058, for monthly possibilities.

Please read the AMC Trip Policy before joining a trip.

Rating System

Beginner: Paddler should be able to paddle 5 miles in calm waters.

Boat Rental

We have a small fleet of flatwater and whitewater canoes and kayaks available for rent to club members, or to anyone participating in a club trip, at reasonable prices.

All rentals must be arranged in advance; if you're interested, contact Al Howcroft (413.256.1301,

All rentals include PFD ("life jacket" for you old-schoolers), paddle(s), helmet, and spray skirt as appropriate for the particular boat. Note that you will need some way to transport the boat, like a roof rack and ropes!


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