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Wildlife Tracking Workshop at Noble View postponed to 3/16

There are always amazing things happening in the outdoors, and all of them leave stories. Tracking is fun way to learn: it puts the QUEST back into question and the SEARCH back into research. Engage all the senses: touching the tracks, listening to birds and other woodland residents, and examining markings left behind on trees. Come hike with us as we gain a deeper understanding of the forest in winter and discover who is out and about at Noble View. Snowshoes required.
Leader, Frank Gindrod, is the founder of Earthwork Programs. Since 1999, he has dedicated himself to teaching earth skills such as nature awareness, tracking, wilderness living skills and earth philosophy. See

Bring a bag lunch and enjoy our 50 mile view at Noble View! Workshop from 1PM - 3PM.

To pre-register and for further information contact Gary Forish, 413-519-3251. For directions and info on upcoming events visit our website,


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