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Soak up the Rain; Be Part of the Solution

Join your neighbors around New England who are taking action to soak up the rain. They're planting trees, rain gardens and green roofs; disconnecting and redirecting their downspouts; using rain barrels and drywells; and replacing their driveways and parking lots with permeable pavement. They're helping to soak up the rain and reduce the polluted runoff that flows to our streams, lakes, rivers and coastlines.

You can help soak up the rain.

Soak up the rain to help:

Prevent pollution of local waterways
Reduce flooding
Protect water resources
Beautify neighborhoods

A Call to Action

In collaboration with state agencies, universities, watershed groups, and other organizations, EPA New England has launched Soak up the Rain as a call to action to citizens, businesses, and communities. It's a call to all of us who care about clean water, who want to reduce flooding, who want to create healthier and more beautiful communities.

Take action to help soak up the rain in your yard, at your place of business, in your community.
Share photos and stories of what you have done.
Working together we can protect New England waters and leave a lasting legacy of clean, safe and plentiful water for future generations. We're counting on you.

How will you help soak up the rain?

Rain barrels collect water from a roof downspout and hold it for later use.

Downspouts are disconnected and/or redirected so water flows to where it will soak into the ground.

Rain gardens are shallow landscaped areas that collect and filter rain water.

Trees use water and make soils better able to soak up water.

Permeable pavements allow water to soak into the ground.

Dry wells collect runoff and allow it to gradually soak into the soil.

Green roofs have a layer of plant material that captures rain water.

Go to for more information on how to do each of these actions yourself.


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