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Bicycling Committee Co-Chairs: Brant Cheikes & Janine Papesh, email to

The Bicycling Committee is launching its first series of rides during the 2017 outdoor cycling season (May through October). We’re very excited to introduce road biking to the AMC Berkshire Chapter community!

At the start of the season, only two bicycling trip leaders (Brant and Janine, the Committee co-chairs) will have completed the AMC’s volunteer leadership training program. We hope to recruit new leaders and grow our ranks over the course of our first season. Until that happens, we’ll be able to run only one or two rides per month. We’ll try to alternate rides between the Amherst MA and Stockbridge MA areas.

With that in mind, here is our “game plan” for rides in 2017:

  • May 20th 10AM: Amherst area. A spring warmup ride of about 20-25 miles. The ride will start in Hadley, loop north through Sunderland, and be relatively flat. May 21st is the rain date.
  • June 24th 10AM: Stockbridge area. A summer ride of about 25-30 miles. Route TBA. June 25th is the rain date.
  • July 15th 10AM: Amherst area. A summer ride of 30-35 miles. Route TBA. We’ll probably start to introduce some hill climbs. July 16th is the rain date.
  • August 5th 10AM: Stockbridge area. A summer ride of 35-40 miles. Route TBA. Hills! August 6th is the rain date.
  • September 9th 10AM: Amherst area. An early fall ride of about 40 miles. Route TBA. September 10th is the rain date.
  • October: TBA

All rides will accommodate those who are comfortable riding at a relaxed pace (10-12 mph). As we get further into the riding season, we may separate into faster and slower groups.

To participate in a ride, you will need at a minimum:

  • a bicycle in good working order
  • a properly fitting bicycle helmet
  • a water bottle, hydration pack, or some other way to carry water
  • a flat tire repair kit (spare tube, tire levers, patch kit)

Also, please be familiar with the AMC Trip Policy.

Overall, our goal is to ensure that everyone has fun, gets outdoors to see our beautiful countryside at the speed of a bicycle ride, and learns a bit about bike safety and effective riding skills along the way.

We’re always happy to hear from our members, and appreciate tips and suggestions about good places and routes for riding in our area. Feel free to send us email at!

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