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Mass AT Management Committee

The Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee organizes Appalachian Trail supervision and maintenance within Massachusetts.

If you'd like to be a part of this, get in touch with our chair (see below)!

Mass AT Management Committee Address

Massachusetts Appalachian Trail Management Committee
PO Box 2281
Pittsfield, MA 01202

Chair: Jim Pelletier c:413.454.4773
Secretary: Greg Schumaker
Member At Large: Rick Wagner h:413.684.4435
Member at Large: Jim Niedbalski
Treasurer: Julie Ann Pelletier h:413-454-4776
Volunteer Coordinator: Cosmo Catalano h:413.458.5349; c:413.822.0094
Corridor Monitor Coordinator: Dave Pirog
Natural Resources Coordinator: Steve Smith h:978.692.8219; c:978.821.2916
UGP Maintenance Coordinator: Pete Rentz h:413.442.6732; f:413.442.5853 (call first)
Upper Goose Pond Cabin: Debbie Klaber h:212.942.6910
Upper Goose Pond Cabin (also): Jim Pelletier c:413.454.4773
Shelter Coordinator: Don Fairbanks h:413.443.1148
Group Outreach Coordinator: Hank Barton h:413.527.4568
Community Outreach Coordinator: vacant
Northern Maintainer Coordinator: John Sullivan h:978.544.5790; c:413.658.4929
Central Maintainer Coordinator: Debra Weisenstein c:508.277.4826
Southern Maintainer Coordinator: vacant
AMC Regional Trails Coordinator: vacant
DCR Region 5 Trails Sup.: Rebecca Barnes PO Box 1433, Pittsfield, MA w:413.499.7003; f:413.442.5860
ATC Conservation Resource Manager: Adam Brown P.O. Box 264, South Egremont, MA 02158 w:413.528.8002; c:413.717.2113

Note: h = home; w = work; c = cell; f = fax

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