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Visibility Volunteers Program

In an effort to increase its air quality database and educate its members about air quality concerns, AMC launched its Visibility Volunteer (VizVol) program in 2003. The program, part of AMC's "citizen scientist" Mountain Watch program, is designed to collect ozone and haze data from the peaks that AMC members frequent. Participants record ozone levels using a simple, credit card-sized device, and document visibility using a digital camera. AMC researchers will combine these measurements with weather data to track air quality trends in the Appalachian region.

Ready to become a visibility volunteer?

VizVols FactSheet (PDF): Impress your friends with VizVols facts.
VizVols Instructions (PDF): How to be a VizVol.
VizVols Data Sheet (PDF): For collecting VizVol data while on a hike.

These are PDF files.


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